Sunday 1 May 2016


Actimel has teamed up with Myleene Klass and the Stay Strong Brothers to help mum's in the morning with this cool Stay Strong campaign, 55% of Mums find that getting themselves and their children ready in the morning can be the most eventful time of the day, I can most defiantly say its a crazy time of the morning for us. according to a new Stay Strong survey by Actimel also found that the other biggest challenges mums face in the morning includes searching for matching socks (15%), wiping food stains off their kids clothes (11%), finding the school shoes (15%) and even convincing them to take off their favourite pair of pyjamas (6%)

With this in mind  busy working mum Myleene Klass along with the Stay Strong Brothers have written this lovely "Every Morning Mum"song, a happy and humorous song which sets mum up in the morning to face life’s daily little challenges head on. As over half of UK mums said getting their children ready in the morning was the biggest struggle, the song cheekily brings to life this reality and will resonate with mum's across the nation and give them a much needed boost.

Actimel is a yogurt drink available in 12 delicious flavours and a great way to start the day as part of a balanced breakfast. Actimel is available as 8 packs in a variety of flavours including strawberry, multi-fruit & blueberry from all major supermarkets. RSP £2.98

Actimel contains Vitamin B6 that contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. It also contains Vitamins B6 & D to support the normal function of the immune system.

To listen to the song and watch Myleene and the Stay Strong Brothers in action, go to

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