Tuesday 10 May 2016

Motor Show 2016 - Our Highlights

We were really excited to attend the Motor Show in London's Battersea Evolution Centre, The kids were super excited and my husband couldn't wait to explore.

When we arrived we were greeted by some cool looking crash test dummies and an array of cars set outside,

Inside the Evolution Centre was a host of cars from my son favourite car the Nissan G8 to BMW's which is my husband favourite whilst my youngest  adored the dodge viper.

There were so many car brands and models which really made our day, we also had the opportunity to see the cool Bloodhound the supersonic land vehicle.

The kids were so excited to explore and take photographs beside their favourite cars, unfortuanlty we didnt get a chance to listen to the guest speakers but with so much to see and do we followed the kids lead and enjoyed exploring.


By the time we left the Motor Show my feet ached, we had such a fantastic day and most defiantly will look forward to the next Motor show,

For more information on the show and its highlights visit TheLondonMotorShow.co.uk.