Thursday 5 May 2016

Star Wars Day: with Star Wars 4Kids Pasta Shapes

Star Wars 4Kids Pasta Shapes Tin

Most of you may already know that is was Star Wars day this week, so to help celebrate this awesome day we had the opportunity to tuck into these delicious  Crosse & Blackwell new Star Wars 4Kids pasta shapes.

Star Wars 4Kids Pasta Shapes with flying saucers

We thought long and hard on an out of this world recipe to help celebrate Star Wars Day, myself and my son thought of a few recipes that we might like to try, but my son came to the rescue with these delicious flying saucer bagels with a side of the cool Star Wars  pasta shapes, it was delicious and was the perfect lunch time snack.

Star Wars 4Kids Pasta Shapes characters

My son loves these so much, it was great checking out the charcetrs, Star Wars Pasta shapes come in a tasty tomato sauce and count as 1 of your 5 a day, they are also Low in fat and sugar and contain no artificial colours or flavours. Avaiable from all major supermarkets, Star Wars 4Kids pasta shapes cost around £0.30p for a 213g tin,