Friday 6 May 2016

Sown And Grown

Breakfast is a really important part of the day, so I was really excited to try Sown and Grown.
Sown and Grown is a delicious range of Granola and Muesli which  comes in six delicious varieties.

Sown and Grown were developed by husband & wife team Phil & Rachel Toms, Sown and Grown contains only British grains. I love that the Sown and Grown range come in these cool looking tubes which are not only great for storage but it also helps keep the grains fresher for longer. Sown & Grown comes in six varieties and exclusive to Sainsbury's, we were delighted to try....

 Sown and Grown Muesli - Mixed Berry and Nut

Sown and Grown Muesli - Mixed Berry and Nut: This was delightful I had this with some ice cold milk it was delicious, the dried berries gave a hint of sweetness.

 Sown and Grown Granola - Apple and Blackcurrant:

Sown and Grown Granola - Apple and Blackcurrant: This is delicious I could resist nibbling on it directly from the pot, it tasted lovely I really couldn't stop eating this, I love this granola with some natural yoghurt and fresh fruit it tastes delicious. I will defiantly be purchasing this again.

Sown and Grown are delicious as an everyday breakfast or great as a snack, for more information check out Great Little Grains or head down to your local Sainsbury's store and but some you won't be disappointed,