Saturday 13 August 2016

E.ON 100 years of energy

E.ON is looking back at how the world of energy has changed and grown over the last 100 years, it's amazing to see how much it has changed as back then most households had to use natural resources to power their homes. Here is a brief look at exactly what has changed and how it has developed over time

+ Oil Lamps or candlelight were used as a way of lighting most houses throughout the 19th century.
Paraffin became the preferred fuel during the Victorian period and the light is given off rivals many modern electric bulbs. And now at a flick of a switch, we have instant light who could even imagine how life would be now without instant light.

+ The domestic stove was first marketed in the 1830s, in which one fire was used to heat pots that were hung above it. The kitchen is an important part of every home we defiantly take for granted how simple life has become compared to the generations before us with so many labour saving  gadgets and devices, kitchen life is fast paced and quick compared the amount of time and effort that would be given in the 1800s.Thinking back to the 19th-century when water would be heated on the stove and used for cooking and bathing, its amazing how much has changed and kitchen life has changed and become easier - Looking to now I couldn't imagine being without my microwave for fast instant food.
Mrs Janglitz

+ Victorian kettles were large and often made from cast iron or copper - meaning they were incredibly heavy. The nineteenth century was perhaps the most interesting when it comes to the evolution of energy usage by us. We went from steam to using coal and a shift to even use oil was observed. However, with Thomas Edison pioneering electricity and the invention of the kettle, the 19th century saw our energy usage go from old, inefficient and slow to useful, efficient, and more importantly, clean and smoke-free.

+ Long before the time of electric freezers, the Victorians kept harvested ice in an icebox.
They were commonly made of wood and lined with tin or zinc and packed with insulating materials such as cork or straw, but in these hot summer days who could imagine not reaching for that cool drink straight from the fridge.

But now in 2016 and we are living in a world powered by SMART products to help our lives run effectively,and a really good example of this is E.ON's Smart Meter. A E.ON Smart Meter allows customers to monitor gas and electricity bills by sending their consumption data directly once a month, it's very much like your current meter, the only difference is that it sends us your meter readings electronically, which not only saves time it also gives you so much more control over energy usage and provides valuable information to enable the user to make smarter decisions about your home and energy. The great thing about Smart Meter is that you won't have to  have someone come into your house to take readings which means you will get accurate bills every time and  you'll also be able see how much it costs to use energy.

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