Wednesday 31 August 2016

Back To School

September is almost upon us, which can only mean on thing. Back to School. It's been a great summer and we have all had a lovely time, but it's now time to get prepared for school and get ready to be back into the daily routine of school and work. So we wanted to share our top tips for getting ready to go back to school. Thank you for Disney for this cool stationery survival hamper to get us started, We love Mickey so we were super pleased with this cool set, Disney have a host of cool Disney character stationary, so not only are you prepared for school, but you can go back to school in style with your favorite Disney characters. Check out Disney's Back To School range here

Our Top Tips for getting ready to go back to school!


* Make a list- it's much easier to remember things when you have them written down, a quick checklist will help you remember all of your to-dos.

*Sort out you stationary - we are currently adding to our stationery collection, We love the cool Mickey Mouse pencil case  above. My eldest starts secondary school next week we need to make sure we have all the equipmet needed or he could get a detention.

*Start going bed slightly earlier- We have all been enjoying those late nights, so it's important for you (the parents) as well as the kids to start getting used to getting into bed that bit earlier each night.

*Get your uniform/bag ready the night before - by having your clothes and bag packed and ready to go will save you time, and help you feel prepared for the day ahead.

* Carry with you some healthy snacks - A great way to stay fueled during your first day, we tend to opt for these delicious dry fruits, especially the dried mango as the boys love it, curtesy of Forest Feast & Acti-Snack which are available from leading retailers nationwide. check them out online &


We are ready, the uniform has been purchased, the pencil cases are filled and shoes are polished and snacks are packed.