Monday 29 August 2016

Wileyfox: Spark+

We were delighted to attend a lunch meeting in central London to learn more about Wileyfox mobiles, Wileyfox is a British mobile phone manufacturer who are making cool, customisable mobiles phones suitable for everyone's budget.


My son is on the verge of starting secondary school so the discussion of mobiles has been a big one, as important for us all to stay in touch and communicate. We were both really keen to see how Wileyfox compared in comparison to the average smartphone.

We loved the design of the sleek orange packaging, inside the box was a removable battery, USB cable and the Wileyfox black mobile phone.Wileyfox Spark feels very tactile to hold and had soft to touch back complete with the Wileyfox logo, the screen is quite large which is really important for gaming and videos. We initially were asked to set up a Cyanogen account, at first we declined as we wanted to investigate the phone, but it soon became clear that we could not access some of the customisation features without setting up the account.

We were delighted with the array of features and customisation options available, my son has downloaded sevearl themes and games, and ringtones. We love the security feature especially the pin lock scramble, which  means that each time you unlock your phone with your pin code the numbers re-scramble each use which means that prying eyes will never have the opportunity to guess the sequence of your pin.

My son has loved the gaming aspects and is more than impressed with the varied range of games he can access along with the quick response of the mobile touch screen, and to be honest my son's not the only one who has been left impressed by the Wileyfox features.

Picture was taken with my iPhone.
Taking pictures is always important, so I wanted to put the camera to the test, I have used many smartphones over the years so picture quality is a must, I wanted to compare the quality of the picture in comparison to my iPhone, You can see that I didn't do such a good job of zooming in, but both images are equally good.
Picture was taken with the Wileyfox.
We love that this phone has removable storage which is something I really miss with most smartphones so this has been a huge bonus, My son is also really happy as he knows he can make as many videos as he wants and not have a problem with storage.

When it comes to mobile phones like most I'm a creature of habit, but after seeing all of the features that the Wileyfox Spark offers its certainly opened up my eyes to something new, and with so many fantastic reviews to support its technology, its not surprising that Wileyfox has loads of fans, the price point is a huge bonus for me, as I wouldnt even contemplate paying out loads of money for a smart phone especially for the kids, and as the Wileyfox Spark+ is only £119,99 it makes it the perfect choice for those who want cool technology and fun features but at the fraction of the price.

Overall we have given Wileyfox a 10/10, My son can't put this mobile down, its defainly changed the way we think about smartphones in terms of price and brands. Here are some thoughts from my son
"It's very good and super quick its the best phone ever" We are so impressed with Wileyfox and adore the features of the Wileyfox Spark+. Wileyfox mobiles are made from globally sourced components from some of the well-known name brands on the market and advanced customisation options along with quality performance and security features, all built on the latest Android platform
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