Sunday 7 August 2016

Lunchtime with Hartley's Jelly

We are very much enjoying the summer holidays, long days of summer sunshine and plenty of fun. But in a couple of weeks, our thoughts will be slowly turning to uniform prep and the return of school, to make things slightly more fun Hartley have given us this cool lunchbox and some delicious hartley's jelly's to help us prepare.


Hartley Jelly come in standard and no Added sugar jelly pot varieties which are the perfect snack and at only 10 calories per pot its a great way to add some fruit into your day.

Hartley's no Added Sugar jelly pots come in five delicious flavours from including Strawberry, Raspberry, Orange, Tropical, Apple and Blackcurrant.


We have been  getting ready to put some wobble back into lunch times with these cool Hartley’s jelly pots and with the help of Hartleys we have been decorating our lunchbox with some sun stickers.

Hartley’s No Added Sugar jelly pots have no artificial colours and flavours and are fat and gluten
free. Available from all major retailers from only 49p, Selected retailers will also be offering the pots at 25p throughout September. For more information on hartleys check out