New Beginnings: Secondary School

It's been an amazing summer, lots of trips and relaxing days, but the time has arrived and there's no denying it, it's time for my eldest to start secondary school.  Over the few days leading up to today, I don't know who was more nervous,  actually, that's a lie its defiantly been me.

My son seamed to be taking it all mostly in his stride, although he did say he will miss his old school. So this morning arrived he was excited and seamed very prepared for the day ahead, As we left the house I couldn't help but feel slightly anxious as we walked towards the school, tears filled my eyes, but I managed to hide my emotions, My son was a big boy with his own life challenges and dreams ahead, it was a surreal feeling, I guess its like I'm letting go and allowing him to move on and become the young man he is.
As we went into the school he quickly grouped with some old school friends and headed confidently to start his first day of secondary school, Wow where has the time gone, no longer a small child looking for reassurance but a young man ready to take on the day ahead, 

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  1. I think it is harder on us as parents than our children when they start a new school.
    Your boy looks very smart. I hope his day went well x


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