Wednesday 28 September 2016

Tsum Tsum

We are huge Disney fans so we were delighted to review these cute Tsum Tsum's from Jakks Pacific, Tsum Tsum are stackable collectable Disney characters.

Disney Tsum Tsums come in packs of three at RRP 4.99, the collectable set includes one large, one medium, and one small Tsum Tsum figure

Tsum Tsun also comes in packs of nine and at RRP £9.99, the set includes three large, three medium, and three small figures, one of which is a mystery character, we were really excited and intrigued to see who was inside .


We loved the mini Tsum Tsums and thought that they were dinky and very cute. inside each pack, you have cool collectors guide which will show you just what characters are available to collect. My son would love the Big Hero Six collectables, whilst I adore the Micky and Minne characters.

They great thing about collecting Tsum Tsum's is that if you have a duplicate character you can always swap them with one of your friends. For more information on Tsum Tsums visit www,