Sunday 18 September 2016

Teapigs Teapops

Teapigs Teapops

If you like Teapigs then you will most defiantly love these Teapig Teapops, they are simple to make and both adults and kids will love them. For this recipe you can use the Lemon & Giner Teapigs or why not try the Rhubarb & Ginger Teapigs.

4 Teapigs tea temples
100ml boiling water
350ml of cool water or milk
60g/6tsp runny honey or agave to sweeten
Some optional extras!
Fresh fruit
Agave syrup
Coconut milk

1- Brew your tea temples for a least 4 minutes
2- Sweeten with honey or agave syrup
3- remove tea temples and leave to fully cool
4- Once cool top up with 350ml or water or milk
6- Pour your cooled tea into ice lolly moulds and add any of your extras

Enjoy x