Friday 9 September 2016



Oddbods is a cool fun 3D animated cartoon which is currently on Boomerang and CITV, the fun animation follows the adventures of seven adorable characters who love to have plenty of fun.

So we are very excited that Golden Bear Toys has released a fab new Oddbod toy range, each of the cool characters has a unique facial expression to match their personality, The Oddbod collection comes in soft  Oddbod characters RRP £9.99 and fun blind bag figures RRP £1.99.
We were delighted to get our hands on this cool purple Oddbod Jeff, Jeff is a mature yet quite posh Oddbod who likes things nice and neat. As we were having some fun adventures just like the Oddbod animation series, we decided to take Jeff on a fun adventure down the Thames on a city cruises boat.

There are 50 Oddbod characters to collect from the series one, for more information check out