Friday 23 September 2016

Firezza Pizza

We love pizza, but up until last weekend we had never had a Firezza Pizza, so we were really excited to learn more about the Firezza revolution and get the chance to try the Firezza freshly baked pizza.

We generally order what I would say is a general run of the mill style of pizza, so it was delightful to look at the Firezza menu and select from the varied range of pizza's and sides, the website was easy to use and we loved that we could also customise our pizza by adding and removing toppings online,

We opted for 1/4 Margaretta and decided to request removal of the basil, we also opted for 1/4 Verde Ortalana which consists of Artichoke hearts, fresh field mushroom, roasted mixed vegetables aubergines, courgettes, sweet peppers, fresh basil, tomato and mozzarella, for our side dishes we opted for some Potato Wedges and Lentil Salad, and of course some delicious puddings and Ice cream to finish off our meal,

Our pizza arrived in a cool rectangle decorative box, inside was a rectangle shaped pizza, which consisted of half of each of our pizza choices, our pizza was equivalent to an 18in pizza which was a perfect portion for all four of us. The Firezza pizza had a very rustic fresh taste and each bite was delicious, I was really surprised how much I loved the Verde Ortalana pizza its defiantly a pizza that I will order again, both of our pizza were very morish and had a just-baked taste. Firezza offers a delicious range of pizza and cater for a range of dietary requirements from vegan and vegetarians, it also has a varied menu to suit every taste bud, as it offers a range pizza toppings, sides and salads to accompany its pizza's, Check out Firezza for more information and to find your nearest Firezza.