Wednesday 28 September 2016



We love playing games as a family so we were really excited to play Othello, Othello is a well know classic strategy game where you need to be one step ahead of your opponent. Each player is allocated a colour; white or black, the player who has the majority of their own coloured disks showing on the board at the end of the game.

Othello is a fun game, all you need to do is to capture your opponent by placing your disks on the board,  You must then try to trap your opponents disks by ‘sandwiching’ them with your own coloured disks. Once you have trapped them, you can turn their disks over to your colour. Myself and my son and couldn't wait to battle it out and test our skills, but despite my strategic moves, my son managed to outwit me and win!

Othello is suitable for two players aged 7 and up and comes complete with 64 reversible disks, one playing board and four playing board, (RRP £22.99) from