The White Company - Orange Grove Candle - Review

Scents...Sweet smells and aromas make me feel relaxed and cosy...So I was delighted to receive this amazing Orange Grove Candle from - The White Company to Review...

I loved the amazing unique Gift Box.... and as I unwrapped the cellophane and lifted the lid I was embraced by the amazing sweet fresh orange smell...

Once I had Lit the Candle  the smell lingered through the room the fresh orange aroma and earthy woodiness was amazingly fresh... yet perfectly festive for this time of year...
Each Candle  is individually made using high quality wax and fragrance.... the 140gs of wax will give 28hrs on zesty burning freshness.
I adore this candle the scent is amazing...I will be burning this Candle on cold nights in...with a cup of tea... as I settle down to relax for the evening.

I was given this Candle to review....All views and opinions are that of my own and I have not been instructed in what to write..I share these thoughts on a product that I like and remain honest in my views and opinions.


  1. i am a scented candleholic! but i have never tried this one!

    I may have to invest


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