Tuesday 4 December 2012

Twinings - Review

It's very well known that I'm a huge Tea Drinking and love nothing more than a cuppa.....Twinings Tea....has to be one of my favourites.......If you are like me,......Then you too will find nothing more satisfying than a cup of Twinings Tea to start the day..

As Christmas approaches Twinings Tea also offers an amazing range of Tea Gifts for your loved ones.....
So why not check our Twinings Tea Gifts and give something special this year.


I love the range of Teas that Twinings has to offer from Everyday Tea...which has to be one of my all-time favourites... to an amazing range of Teas for all moods and Occasions

Chai - Which is a Sweet and Spicy in flavour 


Twinings also offers an amazing range of Herbal Teas - which offer a range of Benefit Blends to revive and relax....us during our busy lives.

I tried and tested some of Twinings Teas..... and this is my personal opinion ..I was not instructed what to write... and share my honest views and opinions on a Product that I like.