Monday 17 February 2014


My first magic moment is being able to join in with one of my favourite linkys, it's been a while, I have been so busy and life and been as ever hectic with a few bumps along the way.....which meant finding the time and the emotional/physical energy has been a challenge....but I'm back and  I'm ever so happy to be joining in.

My second magic moment is I have been keeping up with my exercise, I really need to stay healthy and focused and have found this really I'm not getting any younger and I really want the strength to continue to have fun with my kids and become fitter and stronger.

And finally I'm ever so proud of my boys, they are growing into young little men and are achieving well, My youngest was star of the week which just made my heart glow when i saw his picture on the window at school, and my eldest is achieving one of the goals I always hoped he would, he is a confident swimmer and is moving through his groups with ease...I'm so delighted it really means a lot to me, As I craved for my children to be swimmers as I'm not, yet years ago I took swimming lessons just so I could help them learn, and my son has so far exceeded me. Proud moments.

This week is half term and I only have three days off to spend some quality time with my I intend to make some more magic moments...I look forward to reading your magic moments x