Friday 7 February 2014

Pokémon X - Review

Before you start you on your journey you can choose who your hero will be  boy or a girl, and you can choose how your hero looks overall! Find a look that suits you.
The world of Pokémon takes you on an awesome journey where you are transported to Kalos there you will be challenged and encounter beautiful surroundings of forests, and cool cities.

All-new battle formats are fun for new players and Pokémon pros. Sky Battles feature duels between Pokémon that can fly, and Horde Encounters are massive competitions where one of your Pokémon faces many wild Pokémon at once! These new modes will challenge every Pokémon Trainer.
In addition to new battle types, you can also care for your Pokémon with the Pokémon-Amie feature. Feed, pet, and play with your Pokémon to increase your bond. The more you play with your Pokémon, the friendlier they'll become—and perhaps perform better for you in battle.
Around the Kalos region, you'll meet a lot of people. First there's the brilliant Professor Sycamore. He's researching Pokémon, and he's looking to you and your friends for help. He may even challenge you to a battle from time to time. But you're also likely to encounter members of the mysterious organization Team Flare. What they're up to is anyone's guess.

To start off with on an epic adventure and along the way you will descover special moves which means your Pokémon will grow stronger and evolve.
With so much awesome game play action my son was instantly hooked, I cant even get a look in, other then sit and watch him play.
we love the brilliant animation and graphics and cool journey.
A huge thumbs up in our house.

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