Monday 24 February 2014

Half Term Fun

I really enjoyed lasts weeks half term, as it's a very rare occasion that I get to spend the time with my boys. I managed to get three days off from work, so I wanted to make the most of the days with the boys and spend some quality time having fun.

Monday - We went to the natural history museum it was a really enjoyable experience ....we hadn't been for a good few years (when the boys where much younger!) So it was amazing to spend some quality time exploring and sharing our experiences with each other....we had a wonderful time.

Tuesday -A trip to my sisters house, my boys have a really good bond with their cousin as they are quite similar in age...and love the same things..we had a wonderful day at her house chilling out.

Wednesday - Movie time with my sister and her son to watch.... Mr Peabody & Sherman...awesome movie.
Then a trip to local park to join in with some community fun..... making smoothies. That evening we headed off to a family wedding, it's always nice to dress up and eat some amazing food...and catch up with the family.

Thursday/Friday the boys had some quality time with their grandma whilst I went to work.

Friday evening- A naughty takeaway followed by a late movie night at the cinema to watch the Lego Movie!!!! Everything is Awesome (this is the theme tune to the movie)!!! we had a great giggle and a wonderful family bonding time together x
Saturday - shopping trip, new glasses for me, a long drive to look for a new family car. Late evening Chinese takeaway and family time. The perfect half term xxx

Our magic moments xxx