Tuesday 15 April 2014

Canned Food Week With Princes

Now in its second year Canned Food Week, which runs from 14th to the 20th April, will celebrate the growing variety of canned produce.Canned Food Week is designed to help you and your family plan nutritionally balanced meals.
Canned food is a healthy alternative, as well as saving time, its also cost effective. Using canned food you can create various healthy tasty meals. Princes have some tasty meal ideas for you to try at home.

Using canned foods to create your favourite dishes can be a quick and easy way to cook up a range of delicious meals for the whole family. Canned foods are affordable and convenient and can be stored to be enjoyed at any time.
Princes Flavoured Tuna – 160g, £1.99 RRP
Available in five different flavours, Princes Tuna makes a tasty addition to a range of meals. Whether it’s adding Princes Tuna with Chilli to a pasta dish to give it a kick, or using Princes Tuna Mayonnaise & Sweetcorn as a quick sandwich filler, this is a reliable option that’s sure to please all the family.
Flavours include: Tuna in Tomato, Tuna & Basil, Tuna & Chilli, Tuna & Lemon, and Tuna Mayonnaise & Sweetcorn.

Princes Limited Edition Mackerel – 125g, £1.39 RRP
Mackerel is rich in Omega 3 and counts as your weekly recommended portion of oily fish.Princes Limited Edition range is available in Mexican and Indian varieties - why not serve with salad for a light, tasty lunch, or alongside savoury rice and vegetables for a filling evening meal?

Princes Wild Red Salmon – 213g, £3.99 RRP
Princes Wild Red Salmon is a versatile ingredient that makes a great addition to a range of dishes. Rich in Omega 3, it’s ideal as a tasty sandwich filler, or why not try as part of a warming fish pie dinner.

Here is my tasty recipe of Brown Rice and Princes Indian Mackerel, I generally would serve with sweetcorn or Broccoli. Its a very quick and simple and makes a great healthy meal for all the family.

For more information on canned Food Week visit cannedfood.co.uk
and more tasty recipes visit princes/recipes