Friday 18 April 2014

Easter Fun - Activities & Gift Guide

Its Easter Time a wonderful time of year to spend time over the Holidays with family and friends
having Easter Fun - To keep you and your family entertained Prezzybox have 
an array of amazing activities to entertain the kids.

No.1 Easter Egg hunt

What you will need:
  • Egg collecting baskets or bags
  • Chocolate eggs of all different shapes and sizes - smaller are easier to hide
  • One golden coloured egg - painted hard boiled egg or wrapped in gold foil
  • Whistle and timer: 20-30 minutes
Egg Hunt
One person sets the children off as the timer starts traditionally you may just have them searching and whoever brings back the most eggs wins a prize (A large Easter egg). Alternatively, plot out eggs for each child to find, leaving a clue at each egg to find the next one. Once everyone has found their eggs, there is a golden egg hidden somewhere no one will look… let them all search for this one with no clues-whoever finds this egg wins an extra Easter surprise!

No.2 Egg & Spoon Race

What you will need:
  • Hard boiled or raw eggs - one for each player
  • Spoons - one for each person
Egg & Spoon
Each player begins on the starting line and has to get to the finish line first without dropping their egg. For younger children it is best to use their hands to hold the spoon with the egg on. With older children they might use their mouths to hold the egg and spoon to make it more difficult.

No.3 Egg putt!

What you will need:
  • Plastic eggs or decorated ping pong balls
  • Plastic Golf Clubs
  • Obstacles (Toilet roll tubes, ramps, holes, buckets, cones)
  • Timer
Egg Putt
An Easter version of Mini Golf! Each person takes it in turns to putt the balls/eggs through the obstacle course created. The fastest lap wins.

No.4 Eggheads

What you will need:
  • Printed images or words on paper (laminated) and cut into 15-20 cards
  • Scorecard (list the items on the cards)
This game will test your memory! Create your own Easter related cards, here are our suggestions:
Coloured Easter eggs, Easter bunny, chicks, baskets, daffodils, palm leaves, cross, baskets, church, carrot, nests, ‘Sunday’, ‘April’, lamb, prayer.
On each go, let each person look at the items on the cards for 2-3 minutes, once they have looked cover or turn over the cards. They then have to say out loud the memorised objects, the judge ticks off how many they get, and it is the next persons go… and so on. The winner correctly states the most items.
Alternatively, each card has a double; these pairs are seen and turned over, each player takes turns to flip over two cards, if they are not matching they get turned back over, if they match they stay faced up and that player gets a point. The winner has the most points.

No.5 Egg Bowling

What you will need:
  • 3 Hard-boiled eggs for each player
  • One hard-boiled egg painted white
  • Scorecard
Egg Bowling
Name or number your eggs to a player. Each player takes a turn to bowl an egg; the closest to the egg wins the round. Collect your eggs, the best of ten rounds wins!

No.6 Eggsplat!

What you will need:
  • 3 Hard-boiled eggs
  • 2 raw eggs (per person)
  • Light weight ball
Each person gets a go, the aim is to knock off two of the eggs successfully without hitting a raw egg, if you hit a raw egg it’ll ‘Eggsplode!’ then you lose a point, the best of three wins!

No.7 Eggsplode!

What you will need:
  • A hard-boiled egg/bean bag
  • CD player
Sit in a circle and pass the egg, like ‘pass the bomb’ when the music stops the egg explodes! (Not literally) but the person it lands on is out. The circle gets smaller and smaller until there is a winner!

No.8 Hop Scotch-egg!

What you will need:
  • Coloured cardboard egg cut outs
  • CD Player
Hop Scotch-egg
Children have to hop like bunnies around the room, the aim is when the music stops to quickly find an egg to stand on. On each round an egg is removed, the child not stood on an egg is out and the game continues as such. The winner is the last person stood on an egg.

No.9 Bunny Bop

What you will need:
  • Music player and music
  • Cardboard eggs on the floor
  • 4+ people
Bunny Bop
Similar to musical chairs this is our very own easter version! Get moving around dancing and walking around the cardbord eggs in the room whilst the music is playing, remove one egg and then pause the music each person needs to be frozen in a dance pose and stood on an egg, the one not stood on an egg and anyone moving is out. Carry on in this way, removing an egg and taking out moving bodies. The last person remaining and on an egg wins.

No.10 Hot Cross Bunny

What you will need:
  • A chocolate bunny or person acting as bunny
  • 3+ people
Hot Cross Bunny
A version of the game hot and cold - one person is blindfolded while the other people hide the bunny this could be a person or an object. Once the bunny is hidden you may remove the blindfold from the seeker and begin. The group not seeking or hiding will help the seeker by clapping lightly or loudly (loudly when near the hidden object) and (quietly when not near) therefore when you are near the bunnies hiding place the clapping grows louder, and when you are further away, it is quieter and slower.

A huge Thank you to Prezzybox for the amazing activities x

Hopefully Prezzybox will have had you happily hopping around with the kids this Easter and for something tremendously treaty take a look at our category for Chocolate Gifts.

Easter Gift Guide

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