Wednesday 30 April 2014

Konnie Huq - Interview

“This month Netflix has teamed up with former Blue Peter presenter and Mum, Konnie Huq, I was lucky enough to ask some burning interview questions and get Konnies thoughts on fun crafts for all the family, and her favourite shows she like to watch on Netflix.”

What was the last movie you went to see ?
Having just had a baby not that long ago, I haven't been to the cinema recently so it's home movies for me. Saw Bernie on Netflix the other night which was good. It's based on a true story of suburban murder and has some of the real characters involved in the voxpops which I found very interesting.

What's you all time favourite movie ?
Don't really have an all time definitive favourite as it depends on my mood. There are so many great films it's hard to compare them and put them in a hierarchy. Recently though I am much more up for watching films that I really enjoyed first time round whereas I always used to watch films I'd never seen before as it felt like a waste to do repeat viewing. Saw Fargo again the other night, such a good movie. With streaming and on demand movies it's sometimes perfect to re watch movies especially if you are multitasking and don't want to watch something new. It's something you wouldn't do with rental.

How do you wind down ?
I love to wind down with a TV dinner and an addictive series/movie with my husband. Good food and a good film, living the dream!! When we were in the midst of Breaking Bad, we ended up having take away food deliveries a lot just so that we could get through more episodes!

Are you planning any more children ?
I wouldn't mind a third. I am one of three so maybe that's why. Two is great and if I stop here that's fine but three feels more like a gang!
What do you love about family life ?
It's so hard to articulate but it really gives a feeling of utter happiness and contentment as clich├ęd though it may sound. When we are all just hanging out together it's such fun. Covey has just turned 2 and so is speaking loads, he says the funniest things at times. He's picking loads up so we have to be careful not to swear. The other day he called me a nut job! His two favourite phrases at the moment are 'it's not easy' and 'is it worth it?' Already pessimistic, so young! The other day Charlie called him a twerp and he said in a very defiant way, 'daddy, I am not a twerp'... Not bad, considering he doesn't even know what a twerp is...
What makes you feel stressed ?
If I am in the middle of something and the baby, Huxley, cries for a feed and Covey knocks his drink over and Charlie has left his muddy trainers on the floor in my path all at the same moment! I can't even lift Covey at the minute as I am post C-section so that can be trying in itself!
How has motherhood changed you ?
Definitely. It really has. I think it has made me more lazy both work and social life wise. For instance we let everyone come to us a lot more instead of going to them! Because you're concentrating on the kids and home life you can easily let other things slide! It's also quite a good excuse to let other things slide which you couldn't use before! I don't have a nanny or any help and Covey isn't in nursery. Luckily both he and Hux are quite chilled most of the time otherwise I would have probably farmed them off somewhere by now!
What are your future plans ?
Child number three in the next few years if the current two don't make me change my mind by then!...and then when the kids have all started school I wouldn't mind starting up some sort of entrepreneurial business venture! I have a degree in economics, let's see if I can put it to use...

A huge Thank you to Netflix for providing me with this amazing interview opportunity.