Sunday 20 April 2014


I'm delighted to be part of the Netflix Stream Team as a user of Netflix for many years, we generally watch Netfix via our games console which is located in the living room, So I was delighted to try Apple TV.

Apple TV is a super smart little box that connects to your TV to bring you the very best in movies, You can.....
Rent from a selection of HD movies
Watch Films and TV programmes
Using my Photo stream you can view you recent videos and photos
Plus you can also connect you ipad,iphone or ipod touch wirelessly using airplay and most importantly I can watch my favorite movies on Netflix

The box is very small and sleek and very easy to set up, I would say it took less then ten minutes before we was up and running and ready to go.

We installed our Apple TV in our bedroom which is amazing - So now I can sit in bed and watch some of my favorite movies, In fact my bed has now become part of our family movie time and we all bundle into the bed and watch a really good family movie on Netflix. It had been great I love the whole entertainment experience the Apple TV had brought.

We are really enjoying our Netflix entertainment at the moment and over the half term Easter holidays we have had some amazing cosy nights watching some classic family movies and cartoons, and when the kids are in bed, On goes a cool action movie. 

We are sharing our experience of Netflix as part of the Netflix Streamteam.