Monday 8 September 2014

Actimel For Kids

To celebrate the launch of the New Actimel for kids, Actimel have teamed up with Creative food chef Mark Northeast to help us all create some tasty lunch ideas.
We were very excited as we headed to L'atelier des chefs cookery school in Central London,here we would learn some exciting new lunch ideas to help inspire the most fussiest of eaters.

Getting Creative in the Kitchen. Mark shared some simple yet very cool ideas.

We were super excited  with our awesome lunchbox snacks, which tasted amazing alongside our cool Actimel for kids yogurt drink.

Actimel for kids is a fun exciting new lunchtime hero, the delicious new yogurt drink is now available in supermarkets,designed especially for kids Actimel introduces three super space hero's AC,TI and MEL these cool looking characters will undoubtedly ensure children enjoy Actimel for kids.

Actimel for Kids is great as part of a balanced diet as each little bottle is packed with real fruit puree and nutrients such as calcium, vitamin d and l.Casei live cultures. Actimel For Kids is a great accompaniment for breakfast and in your child's lunchbox.or as tasty snack.

Actimel for Kids is available in packs of Six for only £2.29 and comes in three tasty flavours Strawberry, Raspberry, Vanilla.

My boys absolutely adore these funky looking Actimel yogurt drinks, not only are they deliciously tasty, they look amazing and are now firm favourite in our house.
To accompany our tasty New Actimel For Kids yogurt drinks here is our lunch time snacks that we made with the help of Chef Mark Northeast.

 Some delicious Monster Sandwiches and Tasty Cracker Spaceship

For these tasty snacks idea and more information on Actimel For Kids visit