Tuesday 23 September 2014

Nestle - Creative Challenge

We were very excited to take part in Nestle creative challenge, where we can show our creative skills using our favourite Nestle cereals.

We are huge Nestle cereal fans not only because Nestle cereals are extremely tasty, but the green banner across the top is a visual reminder that these tasty cereals are full of whole grain goodness as they are high in fibre and full of important nutrients, such as B vitamins, calcium and iron which are important for our health. also Netle Cereals are the prefect way to start the day.
My boys love Nesquik and Cheerios, where as I'm a huge fan of shreddies. whilst my husband likes shredded wheat.

Not only is this a tasty challenge but it was a fun one, and as huge lovers of Nestle Cereals it was a fantastic challenge
We decided to make a tasty snack as well as craft project..

Nestle crunch

We used a varied selection of Nestle Cereals and Raisins layered with low fat yogurt to create this very tasty snack.

You will need
Your favourite Nestle cereal, we used Nesquik and Curiously Cinnamon 
Plain Yogurt

Layer you Nestle Cereal's and top with yogurt and cereal top with raisins.
Simple yet tasty.

Nestle Big Red Bus

You will need
1 Large Nestle Cereal box
4 small Nestle Cereal boxes foe the wheels and windows
Poster paint 
Paint brush

using the small Nestle boxes, cut out four circles and some small square windows paint these black.
Next paint the large Nestle cereal box red and wait to try
Once dry stick om bus wheels and windows, allow to full dry and there you have your Nestle Big Red Bus.

We were given the Nestle Cereals to help us take part in this challenge, However all creative ideas and thoughts on Nestle are that of our own,