Thursday 4 September 2014

Back To School With Netflix

It official September is here and that only can mean only thing, Back to School, We had the most wonderful summer holiday, but the weeks rolled past us in a flash and here we are again.

Although we have some amazing memories to look back on, Its time to get back into the groove which means busy mornings and long days and lots of hard work all round, As we are all so busy, the evenings and weekends are an important time for us to catch up and have fun.

What better way then to chill out with the family and have a cosy movie night in, and to help you make a choice, this September Netflix has some awesome movie selections to keep us entertained, So why not check out these cool film titles that will be streaming on Netflix this September.

Teachers Pet 6th September,Snow 3rd September,Go Diego Go 6th September.
The Adventures Of Tin Tin 2nd September, The Magic Roundabout 2nd September, 
LEGO Chima 6th September.

All Start dates are subject to change.

So as its a new term why not get creative and revamp your lunchbox or make a delicious snack to eat on your family on your movie night.

Fruit Salad Fun

1 Watermelon (or use Pineapple Kiwi which ever fruit you prefer)
1 Star shape cutter

Step one:
Cut the skin off the watermelon and divide into slices

Step two:
Using the cutter, cut out Star shapes

Now you can sit back and relax and enjoy you evening x

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