Friday 5 September 2014

Tomodachi Life

I cant begin to tell how amazing Tomodachi Life is, An amazingly cool interactive fantasy game on Nintendo 2D and 3Ds where you take control, simply create your own Mii characters and sit back and watch as they take on a life of their very own (with the help of you of course) add as many of of your family members or friends and that's when the fun really begins. The more Mii characters you have the more they interact  building friendships and relationships, with so much endless fun each time you switch on

Each Mii will need looking after, We really did have so much fun buying clothes and food to which your Mii will respond and let you know if they are happy with your choices. Tomodachi life is never ending fun, every time you level up you can give your Mii characters to gifts or maybe learn a new song or phrase.

What we really love bout this game is that its so interactive and full on new surprises, each time you switch on something exciting happens, My son turned on Tomodachi life on and to our amusement my Mii character was rolling around the floor.

Tomodachi Life is a unique cool fun game and sometimes slightly strange but ever so much fun. A very addictive game, we just couldn't help checking back at different times of the day to see what was happening on the island. Tomodachi Life has to be played to be believed.

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