Monday 24 November 2014

Teksta Robotic T-Rex- Review

We were super excited to play and explore the Teksta Robotic T-Rex, As not only does this robotic T-Rex look super cool, but he also has a built in state-of-the-art artificial intelligence sensory technology, which means the Teksta Robotic T-Rex is very life like in his actions and make the perfect robotic pet.

The Teksta T-Rex is absolutely amazing he responds to our voice and the sounds around him by moving his head, his eyes also flashed in various expressive patterns. We loved that the Teksta Robotic T-Rex can stop and start walking at our command by using simple hand gestures we could control his actions, We had an amazing time watching the T-rex snap and roar as he walked across the floor

The Teksta T-Rex is also touch sensitive and will roar, move his head and growl gently when stroked or petted. It was really cool to be able to interact with the Robotic T-Rex and get a response. But the best was yet to come, as the The Teksta T-Rex has an amazing trick, simply give T-Rex his bone and watch as he munches the bone into two pieces then spit out the remainder of the bone and burp,The boys thought this was awesome and repeated this several times. It really was super cool.

But the fun doesn't stop there the T-Rex has tablet programming mode where you can have yet more interactive fun by downloading the app to you tablet and interact with you T-Rex via tablet control , We have just downloaded the app, but for us we love that we have both options that the T-Rex can be played with or with the tablet technology. The Teksta Robotic T-Rex has over 100 physical and interactive play features which will keep the boys fully entertained.

We have all really loved playing with the The Teksta Robotic T-Rex, My boys have really enjoyed showing their cousins and friends their T- Rex and his cool tricks, its a great interactive toy that both children and adults will love.

The Teksta Robotic T-Rex comes with an instruction booklet, although we fully recommend watching YouTube/TekstaT-Rex for a full detailed video of the instruction manual or visit for more images and Video.

The Teksta Robotic T-Rex is available from for £60