Monday 17 November 2014

Netflix Stream Team - November

Staying in is the new going out, honestly. The latest issue of Glamour told readers to get cosy with home comforts, curl up in their favourite dressing gown with a cuppa, and most importantly - watch Netflix!

Even supermodel mum Claudia Schiffer admits to enjoying a night in with the family watching TV box sets on the sofa – and revealed once the kids go to bed, she sneaks a few episodes of Breaking Bad with her hubby.
Reality check - we all know how rarely this happens (especially the kids going to bed early part) and how you probably end up watching more episodes of Turbo than The Killing. With two long months until Christmas, it’s a testing time for any mum – so this month we are challenging you to reclaim the sofa, and save some pennies in the process.

Netflix have put together their top suggestions for your ultimate family get together - binge watching optional!
For families who like animation

 Monsters, inc available on 14/11/2014, VeggieTales in the House available on 27/11/14, Hercules available now

Christmas countdown

The Search for Santa Paws available on 21/11/14, I'll Be Home for Christmas available on 28/11/14, Christmas Angel available on 1/11/14

Recently seen at the cinema

Jack Reacher available on 22/11/14, Robocop available on 7/11/2014, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire available now

How to save money with a Netflix night in (and keep the Christmas kitty crammed)

Netflix subscription – Free (well, it is for our Stream Teamers, but for everyone else it’s from £5.99 a month)

Snacks and drinks – Not only is making your own popcorn miles cheaper than buying it, you don’t need to feel guilty about snacking either as you can add as little salt and flavour as you’d like

Pizza feast – use a whole-wheat flour base (you can even cook quinoa into a crust), select some greens such as zucchini and spinach and sprinkle with feta or goats cheese – that way the kids still get in their veggies

Surprisingly cinema tickets have increased more than house prices this year, so a Netflix get together is a great money saver ahead of Christmas.

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