Thursday 20 November 2014

Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal

Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal is a exciting adventure game featuring Sonic and his cool friends Tails, Knuckles, Amy and newcomer Sticks.
The adventure starts when Sonic friend Amy finds a manuscript which contains details of the lost crystal of power, she is then kidnapped my the mean villain Lyric who wants the crystal of power to enable him to power up his army of robots so he can take over the world.

Join Sonic and the team as they use their amazing skills as they battle through each level. with amazing character upgrades and secrets within the levels Sonic Boom is an amazing game full of adventure.

We really love Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal, although we are only in the early staged of the game, We are already enjoying the adventure and cannot wait to embark on the new levels.
Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal is available on Nintendo 2DS and 3DS and is available to order on the 21st November 2014 to pre order visit The Nintendo Store for £34.99.
Here is a teaser trailer to give you a taster.

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