Saturday 8 November 2014

Disney Magical World

We are huge disney fans so we couldn't wait to play Disney Magical World. Disney Magical Wirld in an amazing game where you will be transformed into the magical world of Disney where an amazing new adventures await.

On your journey you will get the opportunity to meet your all time favorite Disney characters from Micky mouse to Pluto, and whilst exploring the amazing magical world ypu will meet over 60 Disney characters who will need help with a host of tasks and adventures which will help you earn golden coins, The more golden coins you earn the more you can enhance you interactive experience of Disney Magical World.

Disney Magical World had us completely hooked as we couldn't wait for each installment. We absolutely loved customising our mii character with the awesome Disney themed clothes and accessories, and we cant wait to continue our magical journey.

Disney Magical World is available on Nintendo 2DS and 3DS for only £34.99, for more information on Disney Magical World visit Disney Magical World/Nintendo Store UK

We were given the game to play and review, all thoughts are that of our own.