Monday 3 August 2015

Inside Out: Character Toys Review

If like us you loved the Disney movie Inside Out then you will adore the Inside collection at the Disney Store, The Disney Store has a range of accessories soft toys and more inspired by the cool characters from the Inside Out movie. We we super excited to share our thoughts on two of our much loved characters Joy and Anger.

Joy: Soft Toy £12.99
We really love Joy she is great in the movie and expels happiness and optimism. This soft Joy is 12 inches tall and comes with a glittery thread woven in her soft plush skin, hair and eyes this gives joy her glowing effect just like the movies.

Complete in her yellow satin dress this Joy is the perfect gift for Disney fans like us, Joy from Inside Out is suitable for all ages, she is very cuddly and lovable.

Anger: Talking Doll £15.95
Anger is a funny yet grumpy character in the movie, we loved his witty comments and exploding head. If you loved Anger in the movie then you will defiantly love this talking doll. This cool deluxe dolls says 13 phrases, some which we immediately recognised from the movie which really made us giggle, not only does Anger sound cool he also lights up which us awesome.

Inside out deluxe talking dolls are great if you want to relive movie moments, The deluxe talking dolls are available in all of the Inside Out characters only at the Disney store.

We love the Disney store and have spent many happy shopping hours browsing the online and the store. Check out Disney Pixars cool Inside Out collection and start your very own character collection.which includes soft toys, accessories, stationery and more, inspired by the much-loved characters in the film, Available at Disney Store and Dsiney Store Online