Wednesday 5 August 2015

KidZania London - Review

After hearing so many amazing stories we were really excited to go KidZania in Westfiled London,
KidZania is a cool child sized city where children can choose from more then 60 real life role play activities from working in a Dentist, Police station or as chocolatier, there is a role play activity to suit every child's curiosity, Each of these cool activities gives your child a chance to experience some real life skills, and the experience to earn Kidzos the KidZania currency which can be spent in KidZania shop or used to take part several activities.


We headed to the the check in desk and were were all given a electronic watch this is for health and safety reasons and security, The kids are also scanned in and out of activities, this device will also help staff keep track of your four hour session time. Each child is given 50 Kidzos to get them started, Some of the role play activities you can earn whilst others you have to pay using your Kidzos, Once you check in you have four hours to explore, We were given a map at the check in desk to help us around KidZania, With so much to see and do we wasted no time and made our way to our first experience.


Engineering Centre and Pit Lane Experience - Mechanical Engineer and Pit Lane Crew
Here the boys learned how cars work and run, they had the opportunity to assemble and take apart the display cars, They also loved taking part in the Pit Lane Challenge where they raced against the clock to change the cars tyres and work together.
Verdict from the boys - Really cool, we liked changing the tyres


Fire & Rescue Unit - Fire Fighter and Fire Inspector
The boys loved this activity, they watched a mini fire safety animation and before they knew it they were heading for an emergency fire, Off went the fire bell and they set off in the mini fire engine which took them on a small ride across KidZania to their destination, Here they could use the water hoses to put out the fire.
Verdict from the boys - We loved the ride in the fire engine, it was really cool to use the water hose and put out the fire, I really want to do this again.

Chocolate Factory - Chocolatier
The boys had the chance to put their culinary skills to the test and learn about the origins of chocolate, The boys then had the chance to make a mini Cadbury chocolate bar, due to health and safety the children are not allowed to consume what they make, but they are given a chocolate voucher which can be redeemed from custom and excise.
Verdict from the boys - it went very quick but it was really good fun.

Aviation Academy - Cabin Crew and Pilot
The boys chose the role of the Pilot, and donned on their uniform, The boys learned what it takes to be a real life airline pilot they then had the opportunity to fly a simulated plane.
Boys Verdict - It was fun and we would love to do it again.


Stadium - Commentator, Athlete and Dancer
The boys chose the role as Athletes, The session began with some warm up exercise which involved listening and co operating, next the boys were divided into teams with other children and a mini match begun.
Boy's Verdict - We managed to get a kick of the ball which was good, The warm up exercises were really fun.

Each activity lasts around 12-20 minutes and for some of the activities expect to pay Kidzos and for other you will earn Kidzos, Each activities has an information sign to let you know how much you will pay or earn and the duration. Expect to queue for the role play experiences, the time you queue can vary depending on how many other children are waiting, But to be honest the boys enjoyed themselves so much it was worth the wait, We managed to complete five activities in the four hours we were there, So we defiantly need to go back so the boys can explore the other areas.

I recommend you book online to save a little cash KidZania Online Ticket  prices are
Child (4 -14 years old) £28.00, Adult (15+ years old) £16.50, Early Years (1-3 years old) £10.00
Infants (under 1 year) Free. Check out KidZania for more information check out Kidzania London