Tuesday 6 October 2015

Chippa Sauce

With so many people suffering with food intolerance's, It was great to hear about Chippa sauce, A fantastic new range of Gluten free sauces as well as a delicious gluten and dairy free Mayo. Chippa's range is amazing, so if you have to avoid gluten or you know someone who does then Chippa sauces are the perfect choice.We decided to put Chippa Sauce to the test and enjoyed testing them out with some tasty fries and we were pleasantly surprised as there was no compromise on taste.

Chippa Brown Sauce: Deliciously tasty and fruity and full of flavour. the kids loved it, perfect with fries or the kids favourite burgers.

Chippa Tomato Ketchup: As huge tomato ketchup fans there certainly is no compromise in taste, and was delicious with our fries.

Chippa Mayo: Its hard to believe that this mayonnaise is gluten and dairy free, there is naturally a slight taste difference, but overall it tasted good and certainly is fantastic option for those who do have a gluten and dairy free diet.

The verdict from us is a huge thumbs up the sauces tasted amazing and as they retail at only £1.29 and are free from dairy and gluten and is available in Sainsbury’s. For more Information on Chippa Sauces check out www.ilovechippa.com

We were delighted to sample Chippa sauces, All thoughts are that of our own.