Sunday 4 October 2015

50 Years of Thunderbirds

Anthea Turner joins Vivid Toy Group to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Thunderbirds this week,
The presenters original Blue Peter Tracy Island model is unveiled alongside the new Interactive Tracy Island a predicted Xmas sell-out.

The beloved 1993 homemade creation caused such a fuss Blue Peter was inundated with requests for an instruction leaflet, which is still available online. The most popular "how-to" guide in Blue Peter history, Anthea Turner's demonstration of building a replica Thunderbirds base using papier-mache and toilet paper tubes garnered over 100,000 factsheet requests. Rumoured to having been offered £100,000 for the model, she claims she would never part with it and now keeps it in her loft.

Feeling inspired we took on the challenge to create our own Tracy Island with the help of this cool Thunderbirds four piece Super set from Vivid Toys and Games, Each set contains all of your favourite Thunderbird vehicles including TB1, TB2, TB3 and mini TB4. TB1, TB2 and TB3 come with cool action sounds, which is perfect to help you create your very own Thunderbird scene.


Creating our very own Tracy Island was great fun, we used green card as the base, long with a few cardboard boxes and lots and lots of green tissue paper and glue, it was amazing to see what we could come up with,


Although our Tracy Island looks very different from the 1993 Blue Peter model, we were very pleased with the results, Although we would most defiantly love the awesome interactive Tracy Island from Vivid's toys,

If you would like to know more about the Thunderbird Super set or the cool Tracy Island from Vivid's toys check out Vivid Toys and Games also keep an eye out on the Hashtag #FAB50 #heres1Imadeearlier #ThunderbirdHQ  for more Thunderbird news.