Thursday 29 October 2015

Mobile Malware - Its Effects and How We Can Protect Our Devices

We all worry about mobile malware, a malicious software that is designed to pacifically target mobile phones and locate and breech confidential information that is stored on your device, As a regular mobile phone user its something that if I'm completely honest I'm  aware of  but don't really consider that it could happen to me, Although I do consider myself to be cautious when it comes to cold calls and emails requesting my personal information, but considering thee recent Talk Talk cyber attack, its really something I have had to think carefully about and consider steps to ensure that myself and my family are protected from mobile malware.

By taking a few simple steps we can  protect ourselves and our family from mobile malware and cyber scams which can have devastating effects. Check out this useful info-graphic which gives you some top tips on how you can protect your devices.

By understanding the effects and risks of malware, We can follow these simple steps to ensure we are continually protecting ourselves from the effects of mobile malware. Click here to find out more about mobile security and Dell’s BYOD solutions.