Sunday 18 October 2015

Nintendo: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer

We loved playing Animal Crossing New Leaf, So we were really excited to test out Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer, A cool new interactive game only on Nintendo 3DS systems.


Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer gives you the chance to create and design dream homes. You are an important employee of Nooks Homes as an estate agent, its then up to you to create some cool new homes for your animal clients. We had great fun designing a cool pink room for Lottie the Otter, we added an array of furniture and cool decor, it was great fun and Lottie was very pleased with the finished result, Before you know it you will have a host of animal clients who need your help building and remodeling their homes, Each animal client will have there very own dream home specifications its then up to you to create it, After each job you will receive cool new items to add to your collection which enables more new design possibilities, At the end of each completed job you return to you office to write your daily report before you go home, My son is really enjoying this game and can't wait to complete his next exciting project.

What is great about Animal Crossing Home Designers is that you can take pictures of your designs and share these special moments with the entire world via Miiverse and social networks.


Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer is compatible with Animal Crossing Amiibo cards, If you have the original Nintendo 3DS,Nintendo 3DS XL or Nintendo 2DS systems simply use the NFC Reader to add your Amiibo cards or figures to your game, Then you can add your new Amiibo animal friends and design their homes. There are over 100 cards to collect in Animal Crossing series one.

Nintendo Animal Crossing is available from £34,99, Amiibo card start from £3.49 for a pack of three cards, For more information on Nintendo Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer, Check out Nintendo/Store - Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer