Monday 26 October 2015

Dick Whittington: Featuring An Interview with The Stars of The Show - Britain’s Got Talent Winner Ashleigh & Pudsey

To celebrate the release of Dick Whittington on DVD from 2nd November 2015. I was privileged to ask Britain’s Got Talent winner Ashleigh & Pudsey and star of Dick Whittington a few burning questions. Dick Whittington tells the ‘wags to riches tail’ of a young man on an exciting quest for fame and fortune, but will the evil King Rat thwart his plans or will Fairy Bowbells save the day,All will be revealed in this magical show....Starring Britain’s Got Talent winner Ashleigh & Pudsey and CBeebies Ben Faulks, AKA Mr Bloom. All the family will love this amazing version of the classic panto story, Featuring all the traditional ingredients from sensational songs to a live band.

What was your favourite Dick Whittington scene?
I loved my opening scene because I share the opening song with Brenda, so thats always a really really good fun one to do opening the show.  Brenda plays the fairy – so that was good fun. And I also loved working alongside Ben who plays Dick Whittington. And we have a love duet together and we just got on really well and I loved it doing it together. So those two.

What was your biggest challenge in starring in Dick Whittington?
 “ooh that’s a good question.. I think my personal big challenge was that I had to sing! I enjoy it in my own house! But when I was  first approached by the producers, where they said “yeah, we want you to so the singing and the choreography” then I got the script and found out I was doing the opening number – that was a big thing for me and I really had to overcome it, and act confident. I do think there’s nothing worse than watching a singer that isn’t confident, or any performer that isn’t confident – so you’ve got to believe in yourself, and that goes for anything really.

What is your most memorable moment this year?
I would have to say – starting Ashleigh & Pudsey merchandise, just because 1; its something that I’ve never done before, and 2; I’ve been part of the process the whole time. So whatever product you see that’ll be coming out next year, we’ve been part of creating it. Its something really, really close to me, and will hopefully be a bit of legacy – especially when Pudsey is no longer here.

Are there any other roles you would love to star in?
Well, we are going to be doing Cinderella in panto this year, and I always remember going to watch it with my nan, so this is definitely the one princess role that every little girl wants to play. I cant wait!

What are Ashleigh & Pudsey future plans?
Mission im-Pudsey-able! Next year we will be doing a live stage show and it will be touring around the UK. It will be aimed towards families and it is called Mission Impudseyble, something different again something that hasn’t been seen before.

DICK WHITTINGTON will release digitally
and on DVD from 2nd NOVEMBER 2015