Saturday 9 April 2016

WonderCrump - Roald Dahl Interactive Exhibition

WonderCrump -  Roald Dahl Interactive Exhibition

We have read a few or Roald Dahl books and of course, we have enjoyed all the movies, So it was a pleasure to attend Wondercrump, Wondercrump is an amazing interactive exhibition currently at the SouthBank Centre in London.

As we were running slightly late that day we had just missed our guide and group, luckily for us we were only a few minutes late, so be warned as this exhibition is ever so popular missing your time slot means you could miss out. But as I said lucky for us we were only a couple of minutes late so we were able to join our group in the first small room.

WonderCrump southbank centre

Over the next 55 minutes, we were transformed into the world of  Roald Dahl, we were given an insight to Roald Dhal and his early life through to adulthood, throughout the guided exhibition the children were encouraged to join in, answer questions and have lots of fun. the best thing about this experience that each time we were led through various rooms that mirrored what we were about to be introduced to, from cool facts and inspirational stories about Roald Dhal along with some very cool items from the Roald Dhal museum.

Exploring the various rooms was awesome it was a great experience, to give you an insight without giving too much away, we explored Roald Dahl school years in the school classroom where we learned about Roald Dahls school life to a cosy library where we learned abut matilda and Roald Dahls inspirations for the story, to a creepy forest with a giant peach.

This interactive experience was absolutely amazing, the kids loved the final room which was a cool lab where the kids could play with the whoopie cushion wall and make some fun sentences with the large magnetic words. Unfortunately, you cannot film or take any pictures during the exhibition which is totally understandable as it would defiantly spoil it for others although I would have loved a picture with that giant peach just for memory sakes. Overall we all loved the interactive exhibition, we learned a lot and yet had so much fun, a must see for all Roald Dahl fans.


The Wondercrump exhibition is recommended for children aged 7 – 12 accompanied by an adult.The exhibition runs from until the 3rd of July, cheek out for more information on time and prices