Sunday 3 April 2016

Robinson Crusoe: Movie Review

Robinson Crusoe

We were delighted to head to  London's Vue in Leicester Square to watch the screening of Robinson Crusoe. We were delighted to be treated to some spectacular magic and some cool activities before the movie started.

About the Movie:
Robinson Crusoe is excited to explore the world with his dog and crew, But unknown to them they have two savage cats onboard the ship who are intent on causing havoc, Meanwhile, Tuesday the parrot dreams of discovering the world, so when Robinson Crusoe finds himself  caught up in a storm which leaves him shipwrecked on the very same small island as Tuesday, Its not long before Robinson Crusoe finds a new friends in Tuesday and his friends:who soon help Crusoe build a new home on the island.

But all is not what is seems and the savage greedy cats (who also managed to survive the storm) set to tear apart the happy life of Crusoe and his new found friends. Crusoe and Tuesday find themselves in a battle with the savage cats, But with the determination of Crusoe and friends, they work together to defend each other and their home.

Robinson Crusoe movie review

We really enjoyed Robinson Crusoe, a fantastic animation full of adventure, fun, and friendship. The storyline was great and held our attention throughout, along with the stunning 3D graphics we were certainly in awe. We would defiantly love to see a Robinson Crusoe part 2, as we would love to see Tuesday and Robinson Crusoe get the opportunity to leave the island and embark on more adventures together.