Tuesday 19 April 2016

Newton's Appl Fizzics Natural Sparking Juice Drink

Newton Appl Fizzics Natural Sparking Juice Drink

I was really excited to taste Newton’s appl fizzics a natural apple juice drink, which not only tastes delicious but it also has a healthy twist as it contains roughly 40% less sugar then most apple juices which is perfect for us as we are looking to lower sugar intake, plus it also contains no artificial colours or flavourings, it also contains no added E numbers hence the missing E in the word appl (apple) which I thought was pretty clever play on words.

Appl Fizzics

The Newton Appl Fizzics is a light sparkling juice drink which as it consists of  apples and lightly sparkling water and it tastes amazing and very refreshing, I loved every delicious sip and the kids loved it too, which would make this drink the perfect accompaniment for nay occasion. The appl fizzics tastes best when it's served chilled and can be enjoyed in a glass over ice or straight from the bottle.

Appl Fizzics Juice Drink

Newton’s appl fizzics is inspired by Sir Isaac’s Newton’s discovery of gravity and has been named and produced in the UK by Newton’s appl fizzics’ own ‘fizzicians. The Newton Appl Fizzics is available in 330ml bottles with an RRP of £1.29 and 750ml with an RRP of £2.49 from Amazon.co.uk, Harrods and other independent grocers.

Newton's Juice Drink
For more information visit www.newtonsapplfizzics.com,