Thursday 14 April 2016

Spirograph Deluxe Playset

Spirograph Deluxe Playset
I loved Spirograph as a kid, I could sit for hours on end creating swirls and pretty patterns. So imagine my delighted when I got the chance to relive my childhood with this deluxe Spirograph set.

Spirograph   Spirograph Deluxe Playset wheels

The Spirograph 25 pieces Deluxe Playset  is aimed at children between 8 and 11 years and it's great for us reminiscing adults too, inside the Spirograph there are 15 varied sized  round wheels, 4 shaped wheels and 2 large rings and 1 rack, it also comes with spiro-putty to help hold the rings onto the paper whilst you get creative, along with three design pens and an instruction booklet.


We really couldn't wait to get started and put out spirograph skills to the test, but if you don't know where to start or you need some inspiration then use the spirograph design guide to help you get started.

   Spirograph Designs intricate   Spirograph Designs freestyle

Here are some freestyle designs and some designs we used with the help of the design guide. Overall we had an amazing time we all loved every minute, it was great to compare designs with the kids and see who's design was the most intricate and unique.

If you like Spirograph as much as we do them why not enter the Spirograph Young Designer of the Year competition 2016 head over to find out more

 The Original Spirograph Deluxe Set, which retails at £24.99 from