The Jungle Book: Parkour In London

The Jungle Book

To celebrate the release of Disney Jungle Book (read about the movie here) we were excited to attend a cool Disney inspired Jungle Book Parkour event in London.

Parkour In London.  Parkour course

Tim Shieff (star of Ninja Warrior) and Parkour experts were on hand to showcase their Mowgli abilities and teach the kids a few moves.

Disney The Jungle Book: Pakour In London.

The kids were shown some cool techniques and  took it in turns to run jump and climb through the course, the kids loved every single minute of it, it was great to get the opportunity to see how much skills and techniques is needed to be a parkour pro, we were in awe as we watched the parkour professionals jump and swing through the course, check out Tim and his teams cool moves below.

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  1. This is just a cool idea. I love disney and the idea of a themed parkour event is one I have not come across before. It would be a fun idea for a birthday party.


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