Friday 18 November 2016

Stories Of Hope #WithOxfam

I'm delighted to collaborate with Oxfam and share Oxfam's Stories of Hope movement to help fight against poverty, Stories Of Hope shows us what regular donations can do for the lives of people all over the world. I'm humbled to share Buchumi Story, He managed to turn a bad situation into something positive and is now able to provide for his family.

Buchumi was born in Burundi. Buchumi moved into his first camp in Tanzania in 1999, meeting his now wife In 2010, he now living with his his wife and four children in a Nyarugusu refugee camp, Buchumi has been able to make himself a living working as a tailor. With the help of Oxfam, Buchumi now has hope for the future, Recently they moved to the camp they live in now, as there is a lack of food and very small portions are expected to last families up to a month, it was due to this reason that Buchumi decided to take up tailoring. Now with the extra income, he is able to buy food for his family.

Buchumi used to be a teacher, but many of the schools were closed down, so he decided to take up tailoring lessons to learn how to sew. Buchumi’s story is hopeful and positive. Looking towards the future, he hopes to be able to make improvements to his workshop in order to continue his success as a tailor. “I love tailoring, that’s why I am still doing it. For now, I would love to keep tailoring

Buchumi is proof that it’s possible to turn a bad situation into something positive and as the refugee crisis continues unrest in Burundi has meant that Tanzania is seeing an influx of refugees into areas that were previously only sparsely populated. This has meant the Nyarugusu refugee camp, that was originally set up for Congolese refugees, has quickly run out of space.

Oxfam is working in Nyarugusu and Nduta, one of the new camps, to provide water and sanitation facilities, emergency food, and support to access work. Providing a safe and sanitary environment is a major priority in the work Oxfam has carried out. Programmes  like theses help refugees create an income and gain stability in their lives.

The great thing is that you too can help people like Buchumi living in refugee camps all over the world. By giving a small monthly donation you can support Oxfam's work by helping to fight against poverty and provide a brighter future and stability for those in need

£2.50 can provide 25 water treatment sachets to a family in an emergency. This is enough to make around 500 litres of water safe; enough to last a family of four for a month.
£20 could give one person in an emergency camp or poor community access to a composting toilet, helping to prevent the spread of disease, and give people dignity.
£24 could provide a family with the tools, seeds and training to set up an allotment, helping them to feed

Donations are important to help Oxfam continue their work on long-term projects with as well as emergency situations that often occur, Oxfam is changing lives around the world allowing people to lead better lives and build stable, happy futures.For more information check out or donate via donate online.