Sunday 13 November 2016

The Taste Dictionary: 101 ways to describe each mouthful

 The Taste Dictionary: 101 ways to describe each mouthful

I love food and like most, I spend a lot of time thinking about food, along with a lot of time cooking and sharing recipes, but like most, I always struggle to find the best way to describe the food, often use words such as delicious or tasty. So to help us with our food descriptions Sainsbury’s has teamed with wordsmith Susie Dent, known as an English lexicographer and face of Countdown's ‘Dictionary Corner and launched The Taste Dictionary. The Taste Dictionary: 101 ways to describe each mouthful, offers an A-Z guide on fun new foodies terms to describe food and talk about food.

 #foodporn #instafood  #foodstagram

It was really interesting to know as a person who adores sharing food on Instagram that when it comes to describing our food, most of us rely on emojis or we use hashtags like #foodporn #instafood #foodstagram which are amongst the top foodie hashtags. So I'm defiantly looking forward to adding some new words to my Instagram posts thanks to  The Taste Dictionary: 101 ways to describe each mouthful, I will certainly have new words to describe food in the future.

brownie mix

I wanted to share one of my favourite Brownie recipes, but I decided to slightly cheat, as I opted for a Sainsburys Brownie mix, all I needed to do was add an egg, two tablespoons of oil and water and bake, which left me with a delicious tray of brownies, I decided to describe them using some of the words from the Taste Dictionary.

sainsburys brownies

Theses word sum up the Brownies perfectly, Gooey - Soft and Sticky, Decadent (dek-uh-duh nt) which means luxurious and indulgent.

hot chocolate

I would serve these brownies with a cup of hot chocolate which is Suaveolent (swah-vol ent) which means deliciously scented and sweet-smelling and Fulsome (ful-suh m) abundant and copious great for hot chocolate and caramel sauce.

Inside Taste Dictionary

Some of the other words which I really liked from the book are Snappish (snap-ish) crisp or crackly Lickerous (lik-er-uh s) sweet and tempting.

The Sainsbury’s Taste Dictionary is available to download via as a PDF. Join the conversation and share your favourite words on Instagram or Twitter using via @SainsburysNews using the hashtag #TasteDictionary. There will also be a limited number of books to win through the Sainsbury’s Twitter and Instagram channels.