Sunday 13 November 2016

Oddbods Voice Activated Walking Talking Fuse

If you love watching the TV series Oddbods, then you will certainly adore Golden Bears Oddbod toy range, we were delighted to get our hands on this plush voice activated walking talking Fuse, not only is  Fuse really cool to look at, but Fuse will respond to you when you talk to his with one of his 10 phases, We loved watching Fuse chat and wondered around as he responded to our voices.

The oddbods voice interactive soft toy has two fun modes walking mode and super sounds mode, so you have the option to switch off the walking option and just listen to your Oddbod chatter away in their fun Oddbod language. The great thing about Fuse is the more you talk or clap or make noises the more he will respond with any of the 10 random sounds.

Voice Activated Oddbod's come in two cool characters Pogo and Fuse for only £29.99, the  perfect Christmas gift for Oddbod fans. My son adores his Oddbod Fuse, as not only is he soft and cuddly, but he is fun and will give you endless laughs and giggles and he chatters away.

Golden Bear Toys has a fantastic range of Oddbod toys suitable for all children and each of the cool characters has a unique facial expression and unique personality, 

If you are looking just for a cuddly Oddbod then you can select from these cool soft toy characters RRP £9.99.

My son loves these cool Oddbod blind bag figures, which are great pocket money collectables RRP £1.99.

The oddbod animated cartoon is currently available  to watch on Boomerang and CITV. For more information check out, and for of the Oddbod toy range check out