Tuesday 8 November 2016

Scoot Lock

More often than not, when I go out with the boys they want to bring their scooters, but in the past, this has proved difficult, especially if I want to go into a shop, or when the boys want to go to the park and play on the swings, I will often find myself moving the scooters around the play area. But thankfully all this has now changed thanks to Scoot Lock. Scoot Lock is a lock that is specifically designed to use on scooters which means no matter where you are you can lock and secure your scooter safely.


Scoot Lock not only looks really cool, but its designed to keep you scooter safe no matter where you are, as the lock fits directly to your scooter, then all you need to do is secure your scooter to the nearest pole or railing using the adjustable Scoot Lock cord, I love that the Scoot Lock allows you to set a unique combination code on your scoot look, so there's no need to worry about keys.

On a recent trip to the park the boys wanted to head off and play football, but this time we were armed with our Scoot Lock, this was great as it meant the boys could lock up their scooters and head off and play, knowing that their scooters were safe and secure.

Scoot Lock is priced RRP £19.99 and is available to buy online from Halfords, Argos, Amazon, Kiddicare and also directly from the Scoot Lock website: scootlock.com