Saturday 19 November 2016

Family Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Trees

With Christmas just around the corner, like most, you will be thinking of the perfect gift for your loved ones, so we wanted to share some of our favourite family products that we love.


Gaming - Buying gift that the whole family can enjoy is great fun as it means it something everyone can enjoy together.

Pokémon Sun Pokémon Moon

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon arrive on Nintendo 3DS family systems just in time for Christmas, Get ready to head to the Alola region to discover a whole new world, new Pokémon, and new adventures, The story begins just after the main character moves to the lush islands of the tropical Alola region – an area full of never-before-seen Pokémon, including some new takes on classic creatures. No sooner have they arrived than their adventures begin to unfold, and they meet many fascinating people and Pokémon on their travels.

Fifa 17  gamplay

Fifa 17 - Watch the story unfold and on and off the pitch where you follow the journey of Alex Hunter choose Alex's reactions and help him make decisions, which contributed to the story mode to ultimately get Alex into the Premier league. for more information check out PlayStation-family event.


Pete's Dragon

Petes Dragon - A reimagining of Disney’s cherished family film, Pete’s Dragon is the adventure of an orphaned boy named Pete and his best friend Elliott, who just so happens to be a dragon.


Zootropolis -  Judy Hopps is a determined rabbit from Bunnyburrow, Her dreams are finally coming true as she heads for Zootropolis to become the first ever rabbit police officer, Judy soon finds herself on traffic patrol rather than catching the real criminals, Judy is determined to prove her worth and eventually finds an opportunity to embark on her first big case teams up with  sly hustler fox Nick Wilde.


Thorntons Continental Chocolate

At Christmas, as there are always so many more amazing treats available. so if you love Thorntons Chocolates then this advent calendar is for you, each day until on the countdown to Christmas you will get a tasty Thorntons Continental Chocolate treat.

Thorntons Continental Chocolate Advent Calender

Behind each door, you will find a delicious Thornton's Cholacate from Expresso, Sicilian Lemon, Salted Caramel Praline, Chocolate Milano, Apricot Danish, Hazelnut Slice, Alpini Praline, Seville Caramel, Vanille Truffle, Viennese Truffle.

Thornton's Advent Calendar is only £ and can be found at Thorntons £12.50 in store and online via

  Grand Ferrero Rocher   Grand Ferrero Rocher inside

My Husband is a huge Ferrero Rocher fan, so to receive any of these Ferrero Rocher will make his day. Ferrero Rocher Grand is a huge palm sized Ferrero Rocher chocolate shell and inside is two delicious Ferrero Rocher's.

Ferrero Rocher collection

Ferrero Rocher collection consists of all-time classic Ferrero Rocher -  layers of crispy wafer and hazelnut, covered in milk chocolate. Raffaello - an almond surrounded by a soft creamy praline wrapped in a coconut wafer shell and coated in coconut flakes. Ferrero Rondnoir -  delicate wafer with a smooth chocolate cream, surrounded in dark chocolate and almond pearl hidden inside.

Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher makes the perfect gift for chocolate lovers, available from all major supermarkets, The Grand Ferrero Rocher RRP £5.24 and the Ferrero Rocher collection box at £13.64.


Supersize Thunderbird 3

We love this cool Supersize Thunderbird 3 with live action smoke technology, at the push of a button you can watch as the Thunderbird 3 blasts off leaving behind a trail of smoke. RRP £49.99. For more information check out Supersize Thunderbird 3.

Thunderbirds Are Go Action Figure  The Mechanic

Thunderbirds Are Go Action Figure - The Mechanic, a cool looking villain who is unpredictable, the movable figure comes with an attachable ion hammer and neuron driver. Perfect stocking filler for Christmas. RRP £9.99.

Oddbod Fuse

This Oddbod Fuse is a voice interactive soft toy, which has two fun modes walking mode and super sounds mode. Talk, clap and make a noise and listen to your Oddbod responded by chatting away in their fun Oddbod language. RRP £29.99 For more information walking, talking, voice activated Oddbods.