Thursday 15 December 2016

Christmas with Cadbury: Cadvent

Cadbury Christmas Jumper

This Friday 14th is Christmas Jumper Day, so to celebrate Cadbury has created a cool tasty looking festive jumper knitted entirely from chocolate.


The festive jumper was created by food artist Jacqui Kelly, and will go on public display at Cadbury World in Birmingham, it took three people over 80 hours to make, and used over 320 metres of chocolate ‘wool’, which was hand rolled and twisted together to create a cool knitted effect. Featuring the iconic Cadbury logo, the jumper features a winter wonderland scene and is adorned with some of the tastiest Cadbury Christmas treats, including the Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse Snowman and Cadbury Dairy Milk Snow Bites.

Cadbury Hat and Scarf

The festive chocolate jumper looks amazing, but if you would like a more wearable version of this stunning jumper, then check out Cadbury's limited edition line of Cadbury Christmas jumpers. My son adores his cosy yet cool Cadbury woolly hat and scarf.

Cadbury Knitwear

The Cadbury Cadvent knitwear collection can be purchased via from £15.