Friday 23 December 2016

Disney On Ice Frozen - Review


We adore Disney On Ice, so to get the opportunity to watch Disney On Ice Frozen was absolutely amazing, we loved the Disney Frozen movie, so to see the magic of the movie on the ice was a spectacular experience.

Annna and Hans

We were in awe as we taken through the main elements of the story, watching the loving, yet at time distant relationship between the two royal sisters, Anna and Elsa. It's Elsa's coronation day, but Elsa soon finds herself revealing her hidden powers, which then forces her to leave Arendelle, Anna set off on her journey to find her sister and bring her back home, but Elsa is determined to remain free.

Anna and Krisoff

On Anna's journey, she meets Kristoff, his reindeer Sven, along with our all time favourite character the hilarious snowman Olaf. It was stunning as our favourite characters from the movie came to life in their beautifully designed costumes and elegant skating, which consisted of elegant lifts spins, completae of course the mesmerising songs from the movie. There was something really special watching this Disney On Ice Frozen, simply perfect and entertaining throughout.

Elsa Frozen

Disney On Ice Frozen gives Disney Frozen fans the chance to watch our favourite Disney story live on ice. Disney On Ice Frozen is now in London's O2 arena until the 30th December, visit the Disney On Ice website